1. Only You
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"Only You" is, at its core, a song of celebration and one of declaration. Loosely inspired by Jeremiah 29:11, the artist wrote this song as an anthem that encourages listeners to never give up hope for the future, regardless of how uncertain it may be.


Only You are worthy of the glory
Only You are worthy of my praise
Only You are worthy of the honor
And my worship for all of my days
There is nothing in this world that is like You
Nothing that can compare to Your grace
Walking with You, I will never be discouraged
Of You, God, I will never be ashamed

I believe in the promise
I believe in the plans He has for me
Oh, I will succeed!
As I look to the future
I will put my trust in only You
My trust in on - ly You
Only You now

Oh, Lord God, there is none like You
None like You, None like You
Oh, Lord God, there is none like You
There is none like You

© 2012 Joseph K. Hobdy (BMI)(adm. by Soulful Rawker Publishing)(BMI)